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Mundo Electric Company is your one-stop shop for comprehensive electrical services. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we offer everything from power wiring to data telecom for commercial enterprises. Our service is completely personalized with quick turnaround times and competitive rates. Contact us for information on pricing.

Factory Lights

Power Wiring

Let us design and build new power wiring for your factory or plant's equipment upgrades, new building, or building additions. We sit down with you to discuss what you want, what you need, and how to achieve these goals within your ideal budget. Clients appreciate our customized service and how much it benefits their businesses.

Storefront Build Outs

Choose Mundo Electric Company to assist you in the design and build of your new storefront. Whether you're a mom-and-pop shop or are moving in to a popular mall, our team is pleased to complete your custom project. We offer years of experience that guarantees a quality build that is within your price-range and delivered on time.

Industrial Machinery

When you're adding on to your existing plant our starting a new facility from scratch, the right machinery is essential to your successful operation. We design and install your industrial machinery by closely following your plans and specifications.

Lighting Retro-Fit

Illuminate your business while reducing energy costs at the same time. At Mundo Electric Company, we're experts in helping business owners design and engineer an upgraded lighting system for their office or storefront. With service from us, you get more light for less money. Lighting retro-fits include:

Initial Consultation | Design | Engineering | Utility Rebates

Data Telecom

Is your IT sector taking on additional data services or upgrading your computer or phones systems? When you need structured wiring, count on us to get the job done efficiently and thoroughly. Your new data telecom system will be operating smoothly in no time.